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    About Us

    What gets you out of bed in the morning? What is it that drives you, gives your life direction and meaning? For us, it's our simple mission: To add value to your construction project. We know that a bad finish job can take away value from your investment. We deliver seamless drywall finishing and professional custom texturing services. We take pride in our work because it adds value to your investment.

    Our story is simple: we are a local family-owned business - trying to make a living, just like you! Doug grew up in the Twin Cities area, learning the drywall finishing trade from his father. He moved to the Sauk Centre area around 2000. He is about as expert as they come in the art of drywall finishing. Kendra is a Sauk Centre native, and wears many hats. She is a nurse by day and is working hard to finish up her Business Degree in the evenings. Our core belief is simple: We believe in honoring God by serving others through our vocations.

    Services we offer:

    You need a seamless finish on your drywall project. We know how to make that happen. You'll never see lumps, humps, or valleys in our drywall finishing seams or corners.

    Knock down, orange peel, popcorn? Whatever your preference, we have the tools and experience to create the perfect uniform texture for your project. You want a smooth finish? Great! We can do that, too!

    April showers bring... water damage! Yeah, we know it's a bummer, and we got you covered. Whatever caused your drywall damage, our experts can repair your walls and match any previous texture.. so it's like it never happened!


    • Free Estimates!
    • Taping
    • Custom Texture
    • Drywall Repairs
    • Won't leave a mess behind!


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