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    About Us

    I will assist you in a gentle process of self awareness using conversation, creative and arts based methods. Individual and group, children and adults. One free 15 min consultation. Theresa Hoglund Mueller, MA, ATR-BC, LPC is a licensed professional counselor and board certified in art therapy.

    o I am Board Certified and Registered as an Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Credentialing Board and I am Licensed in the state of Minnesota as a Professional Counselor.

    o I do mental health art psychotherapy, art as therapy and conventional counseling with individuals having a variety of needs.

    o I am known for bridging conventional and alternative therapies for greater wellness to individual's who have experienced trauma, those who may benefit from alternative communication other than talk therapy ( i.e: trauma, autism,intellectual disabilities, children, teens etc)....and in general those who are experiencing life issues, changes, depression and or anxiety to name just a few more.

    Given the current mental health issues happening with the farming community, it is good to note that I lived on and assisted in the management and day to day functions of a dairy farm for 30 years. I have a inside understanding of farm family needs.