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    About Us

    Tree Top Nursery is a family owned Garden Center located in Central Minnesota. At Tree Top Nursery we have over 750 varieties of trees, shrubs, vines, fruits, evergreens, and perennials. And if that isn’t enough, we add new varieties of plants every year. No matter what look you’re striving to accomplish, we have something to offer you.

    When it comes to landscaping you will find all of the resources and items you need to complete your various landscaping desires. From a hard-working and knowledgeable crew to a huge selection of plants, trees and shrubs, combining our expertise with your ideas, we can help you get going in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for DIY landscape inspirations or professional design followed by complete installation, we can deliver.

    As a professional landscape center, we continually keep up with the latest landscaping trends, and have a keen eye for designing the perfect landscaped features to accent your home and lifestyle.


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