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    Searching for an on-site makeup artist in the heart of Minnesota!? You’ve come to the right place! As a native Minnesota Makeup Artist, I specialize in all things beauty for you and your crew. Whether seeking wedding makeup, natural glamour for headshots, or in search of someone to teach you to do it yourself, I would love to help!

    As a professional makeup artist, I specialize in both airbrush and traditional makeup artistry styles and for many of my services I gladly travel to you! Centrally located within Sauk Centre, I do travel across MN as well as out of state for your beauty needs. I pride myself on versatility, and while my specialty is offering naturally glamorous transformations, I do find joy in creating more editorial looks for holiday parties and charity galas in the area.

    I am a firm believer in the importance of creating a foundational approach to your beauty needs, and I believe this starts with dietary choices and a fantastic (and safe) skincare regimen. While the cosmetic products I use on my clients vary in brand, I exclusively carry Beautycounter skincare. I am a true believer in the mission, ingredients, and efficacy of this brand which is why I have also opted to be a consultant and sell Beautycounter to anyone interested in learning about the benefits!

    I would love to chat with you about any needs you may have regarding beauty services and assist in finding you a spot on my busy calendar! Email is the best way to facilitate getting in touch with me, however I do welcome phone calls during office hours. I cannot wait to work with you soon!


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    Ashley Abraham
    Owner and Freelance Makeup Artist at The Glamour Ranch