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    Prado House of Cookies is a Registered Cottage food producer with Minnesota Department of Agriculture (These foods are homemade and not subject to state inspection)

    Custom Decorate Sugar Cookies
    Vanilla, Lemon, Funfetti - Special orders available

    A bit about the baker: Karen Martinson shares, ''I met my husband in my country in El Salvador when he was a missionary in my country and I have 2 beautiful boys Jacob (9) and Mason (2). And I love to cook/ bake.''

    When I asked Karen how she came up with the name, Prado House of Cookies, I knew I had to share her reply. It is a heart warming story of resilience. Karen shares, ''Its a long story about why I put the name Prado House of Cookies but ill try to make it short. I was born and raised in El Salvador by my wonderful parents in a little town. My dad decided to run a farm that he named Prado, that means (Meadows, field) then he decided to put the name on a gate (entry on the farm) around the 1980's , in those years there was a civil war in my country, where people who had little were targeted for kidnapping , getting killed for money or political views and if you had a small business or some kind of income it was easier for those kind of people to come after you as a target, so my dad decided to tear down the letters from the entry gates with the Prado name on it. But my dad was still operating as a farm without a name so i decided to put that name on my business to honor my parents for them to know that the name is there and to thank them for all the hard work they did for our family through those year''


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