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    About Us

    Nestled in the middle of Minnesota, Kristy K Organics is a company with multi-generational organic farming roots. Women-owned and family operated, we are on a mission to help end harmful practices that kill our soil.

    By offering exceptional products with honest, natural, and effective ingredients, we make it easy for growers everywhere to enjoy beautiful results while putting “good stuff” back into the Earth!

    Whether you’re a professional farmer or gardening with your kids at home, we offer natural, organic, and chemical-free products that heal the soil, maximize growth and benefit the environment. Environmental sustainability is the heart of Kristy K Organics. This is evident in our organic soil and renewable products that we source only from the finest quality. We take great pride in our role in crafting earth-friendly, organic soils and soil amendments, testing each product on our own family farm for quality assurance. We will never carry or use chemicals that may impede your health or the planet’s wellbeing. We rely on natural,
    scientifically proven methods and processes that have been shown to improve soil quality and plant growth.

    Our products: Organic Composted Soil, Organic Compost, Natural Softwood Mulch, Parboiled Rice Hulls, Chicken Manure Pellets.

    Also offering, Kristy K Pack: A full service packaging service
    from design, to form fill packing, to warehousing. Our services are available to businesses offering organic or all natural agricultural products such as soils, mulch, seeds, hemp hurds, natural cat litter, lawn amendments, and other natural prods.


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