• 2017 Miss Sauk Centre Royalty

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  • Munch Minutes

    Jitters Java Cafe Lunch Specials

    Taco Salad

    Daily Soups:

    Monday: German Sausage Potato

    Tuesday: Vegetable Beef

    Wednesday: Chicken Dumpling

    Thursday: Roasted Tomato Basil

    Friday: White Chicken Chili

    Saturday: Vegetable Black Bean

    Sunday: Chicken Noodle

    The Outpost Mercantile Lunch Specials

    Mon. - Thurs. The "Fall Harvest" Sandwich

    Fri. Grilled 3 Cheese & Parsley

    Sat. The "Chill Chaser" Sandwich

    Daily Soups:

    Monday: Potato Bacon or Chicken Noodle

    Tuesday: Minestrone or Chicken Noodle

    Wednesday: Butternut Harvest or Chicken Noodle

    Thursday: Old Fashioned Chili or Chicken Noodle

    Friday: Tomato Parsley or Chicken Noodle

    Saturday: Veggie Beef & Barley or Chicken Noodle

    ElmerZ Restaurant Bar & Event Center Evening Specials 5-9pm

    Monday: Burger Baskets w/fries

    Tuesday: Buy One Meal, Get One Meal of Equal or Lesser Value 50% Off

    Wednesday: WingZ Wednesday

    Thursday: All You Can Eat Ribs

    Friday: Fajita Night - Choice of Chicken, Beef or Shrimp

    1/2 Off Margaritas & Long Island Teas

    Saturday: Prime Rib

    Sunday: Breakfast 11-2pm

    Build Your Own Bloody Mary

    Tutti Fruitti Kitchen & Market Farm Buffet Lunch Specials 11am - 2pm

    Monday: BBQ Ribs / Seasoned Chicken

    Tuesday: Roast Beef / Tater Tot Hotdish

    Wednesday: Baked Chicken / Build A Burger

    Thursday: Breaded Pork Chops / Meat Loaf / Chicken Enchiladas

    Friday: Roast Beef / Taco Bar / Fish Fry



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    Click HERE for a
    Lake Wobegon Bike Trail Map


  • Member Benefits


    The Sauk Centre Chamber of Commerce exist to serve its members and to help them be more successful. We are supported by membership dues, which are calculated by the size of your business. We also strive to keep the community of Sauk Centre up-to-date, interesting and vibrant so both residents and visitors alike feel a benefit from being a part of it.


    Most businesses benefit in some way from membership. Small businesses can especially benefit from the power of joining together with their peers through our organization.  Here are some of the ways the Sauk Centre Chamber can help your business and a couple suggestions for  how you can get the most out of your membership.


    ·         Networking programs and events; such as our Chamber After Hours program, which is currently hosted on a monthly basis.

    ·         Advertising opportunities; such as through our website, Facebook, email marketing, cross-promoting and mailing list/bulk-mailing stamp options.

    ·         Volunteer opportunities – allowing you the chance to not only get to know new people, but for them to get to know you better as well. It also gives you the chance to put your stamp on community activities.

    ·         Referrals – the best form of advertising is a referral.

    ·         Events; by creating, organizing and promoting events that foster pride and enthusiasm in current residents, as well as, catch the eye of visitors. It’s my job to bring them here, but we’ll have to work together to get them into your business!

    ·         Chamber Bucks – Only Chamber members can participate in Chamber Bucks redemption. These are dollars that never leave the community. We average over $10,000 in redemption per year.

    ·         Publication requests – each year the Chamber receives 1,000’s of requests for literature on Sauk Centre. Mainly Visitor’s Guides, Wobegon Trail guides, Trail’s Magazines and Sinclair Lewis/Boyhood Home Brochures.

    Get Involved

    There are many opportunities to bring your talents to the Sauk Centre Chamber of Commerce. And many find they benefit just as much from the experience of working together as they do from simply being a member in the Chamber.  Opportunities to get involved include; Committees (Government Affairs, Agriculture, Hospitality), Ambassadors and the Chambers Board of Directors.