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  • US Cheese Championships!

    Have you heard the news?!
    Redhead Creamery recently competed in the US Cheese Championship. There were over 1800 cheeses from across the United States were entered in many categories.  Alise shared, “Our Lucky Linda Clothbound Cheddar is our flagship cheese and it placed 4th in its category of Natural Rind Cheddars”. She further shared that they submitted a one year old clothbound cheddar that they picked at random from a batch.  Only the top 3 receive awards but they list many of the next in line by posting the scores of the top several cheeses and in this category their Lucky Linda was only 0.15 points short of 3rd place! I think that is AMAZING! That is the type of finish that would normally be an instant replay for proof, or we’d be asking for the backup time in a swimming lane! Not to mention Redhead Creamery is doing a phenomenal job at perfecting their craft, when you consider this same cheese took 7th place at the WORLD Cheese Championship 4 years ago.
    Another entry they submitted to the US Cheese Championships was the North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster.  This cheese came in 7th place in this contest and it was the winner of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair in the Artisan Cheese category.  The North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster is a Redhead Creamery original, based off of a French Alsatian Munster. As Alise said, “it is soft and stinky, and it’s washed in Minnesota 14 Whiskey from Panther Distillery”.  She goes on to share, “It was very fun to be listed amongst some major cheesemaker, including Grafton Village Cheese who I worked for in 2009-2011 in Vermont and Cabot Creamery Coop”. 
    I think we should consider ourselves very fortunate to have such an artisan in our own backyards! Keep Redhead Creamery in mind when you are looking for a great cheese (you can find them in many markets), go tour their farm and sit down for an order of pan fried cheese curds and do what you can to support our local dairy farmers and our artisan cheesemaker! Congrats, Redhead Creamery on your accomplishments!