• News Release: 2/6/2024

    Dealer promotes via regular social media updates and Test Drive Fridays

    Established in 2005, Centre Powersports & Marine, located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, welcomed Eric Peterson as a co-owner in 2017. Mark Fiedler started conversations with Peterson about becoming involved in the business and Fidler now holds a five percent ownership stake.

    Heather Peterson, the wife of Eric Peterson, is also employed at the dealership, and their 11−year-old son, Ben, often spends time there after school. “He’s pretty proud of the dealership,” Eric Peterson says. “It’s pretty fun. We’re a very family-driven dealership.”

    “When you start here, the first thing my wife and I will tell you is that you will not miss any of your kids’ school activities,” he continues. “Right now, one of our staff is gone because her daughter had something going on at school.”
    Centre Powersports & Marine owners Eric and Heather Peterson are pictured with their son, Ben, who is often at the dealership after school. Photos courtesy of Centre Powersports & Marine

    Before the Peterson’s entered the powersports industry, the two worked at the same independent phone company. “Many couples can’t do it. We enjoy it. It’s been so long, it’s just what we’re used to,” Peterson says. “It works really well for us. It also helps from the aspect of having two of us that are all in and understand what the goal is. It really brings in the whole family atmosphere.” ....CLICK TO READ MORE