• Kitchen Manager

    Posted: 01/22/2023

    Kitchen Manager | Camphill Village Minnesota, Inc.

    About Camphill Village Minnesota: Since 1980, Camphill Village Minnesota has provided
    residential and day activity services for adults with developmental disabilities in an
    inclusive intentional community. There are currently about 40 people including live-in
    caregivers and their families living together in family style homes with adults who have
    developmental and intellectual disabilities. Everyone works together on our 525 biodynamic acres to grow organic
    produce, care for farm animals, preserve and prepare food, create artisan crafts, and keep each other healthy and
    our homes clean and beautiful. Everyone has talents and skills to offer that are appreciated and felt by the
    community. For a fuller picture of Camphill Village Minnesota, visit www.camphillmn.org
    Camphill Village Minnesota has an opening for a Kitchen Manager in their residential program with adults with
    developmental disabilities. This person will work in our Camphill kitchen supporting co-workers and adults with
    developmental disabilities. If you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives, we would like to speak
    with you.
    Part-Time Job Description:
    ● Work with a small group (2-8 individuals some with disabilities) to perform steps in the food preservation
    ● Being creative in workshop integration with each individual and the group
    ● Communicate and plan with the Garden Leaders, the schedule for food to be harvested for the Harvest
    ● Processing Garden and Orchard production into a variety of food preservation methods
    ● Keep an accurate record of processed goods and record distribution of processed food to houses in
    ● Coordinate the village meal planning and preparation 2-4 lunches per week
    ● Shopping for village meal and processing (Organic, Local, and Whole Food centered)
    ● Inventory and Ordering (Bulk food, paper goods)
    ● Point person for food donations
    ● Scheduled coworker responsibilities including onsite training.
    ● Cleaning and upkeep of Facilities (St. Martin’s).
    ● Coordinate equipment purchase and maintenance.
    ● Past personal or professional experience with people with disabilities
    ● Food preservation knowledge and experience
    ● Food service experience with dietary needs
    ● High School diploma or equivalent
    Hours and Compensation
    The hours are generally between 9 -5 (32 hours), Monday through Friday and will consist of several scheduled
    workshops each week with the remaining hours devoted to the other duties. The position is part-time, hourly and
    pays $18/hr. Required training is provided.
    To Apply: Please email your resume, cover letter, and salary expectations to HR@camphillmn.org. Resumes will
    be reviewed as soon as they are received.