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  • Junior Graphic Designer

    Posted: 05/14/2019

    Junior Graphic Designer Position:
    This is a fast-paced position that the Junior Designer must be able to keep up with. You must be able to create original works quickly and accurately. Take direction well from the Art
    Director/Senior Designer. As well as being able to work on your own.  The Junior Graphic Designer will lay out pages, draw logos, redraw logos, rework text, perform color corrections and overall take on the basic duties that help them get to know the ins and outs of graphic design. You will often work on multiple aspects of one project but will take on only one or two tasks at a time.

    Junior Designer Must have the following skills:
    * Be well versed in Adobe CC, as well as using Adobe Libraries or be well versed in Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, and Adobe Illustrator CC
    * Must be able to work in office location (for probation period of three months in Sauk Center)
    * Must be able to follow written and verbal communication
    * Must be able to set up print proofs
    * Can take direction well
    * Have a clear understanding of the printing process
    * Understand layout and design
    * Understand the psychology of color and typefaces
    * Proofing skills a plus

    Reply at njcpromos@gmail.com  or Nick: 320-429-0273